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Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU) is involved in the system definition, planning, implementation and socio-economic research/evaluation of satellite-based societal applications.

The Major Programs, at present, of DECU – to promote the satellite-based communication systems to support development, education & training – include:

  • Tele-Education
  • Tele-Medicine
  • Gramsat Program - including Training & Development Communication Channel (TDCC)
  • Satcom Applications – including VRC, DMS Program (for S & T), etc.
DECU supports:
  • Satcom Networks - Configuration, Implementation & Utilisation
  • Social Research & Evaluation
  • Content Generation, Transmission, & Training
  • Studio & Technical Facilities
DECU, as an independent entity, has a definite role in meeting the goals of ISRO in promoting usage of space technology for the benefit of common man. The continuing expansion of space applications programs like Tele-education, Tele-medicine, etc. reiterates the increasing role played by DECU in providing direct benefits to the society. Thus, DECU continues to pursue successful goals on all fronts in meeting the objectives of space-based societal applications for the national development.

Development and Educational Communication Unit

Ambawadi Vistar PO
Jodhpur Tekra
  Ahmedabad - 380 015
 Director: Shri Vikram N. Desai
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