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The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle,usually known by its abbreviation PSLV is the first operational launch vehicle of ISRO. PSLV is capable of launching 1600 kg satellites in 620 km sun-synchronous polar orbit and 1050 kg satellite in geo-synchronous transfer orbit. In the standard configuration, it measures 44.4 m tall, with a lift off weight of 295 tonnes. PSLV has four stages using solid and liquid propulsion systems alternately. The first stage is one of the largest solid propellant boosters in the world and carries 139 tonnes of propellant. A cluster of six strap-ons attached to the first stage motor, four of which are ignited on the ground and two are air-lit.
The reliability rate of PSLV has been superb. There had been 27 continuously successful flights of PSLV, till October 2014 . With its variant configurations, PSLV has proved its multi-payload, multi-mission capability in a single launch and its geosynchronous launch capability. In the Chandrayaan-mission, another variant of PSLV with an extended version of strap-on motors, PSOM-XL, the payload haul was enhanced to 1750 kg in 620 km SSPO. PSLV has rightfully earned the status of workhorse launch vehicle of ISRO. PSLV has repeatedly proved its reliability and versatility by launching 71 satellites / spacecrafts ( 31 Indian and 40 Foreign Satellites) into a variety of orbits so far.
Typical Parameters of PSLV
 Lift-off weight 295 tonne
 Pay Load 1600 kg in to 620 km Polar Orbit,
1060 kg in to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO)
 Height 44 metre
PSLV Milestones
PSLV-C26 launched IRNSS-1C on October 16, 2014 (Successful)
PSLV-C23 launched SPOT 7 and four co-passenger satellites on June 30, 2014 (Successful)
PSLV-C24 launched IRNSS-1B on April 04, 2014 (Successful)
PSLV-C25 launched Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft on November 05, 2013 (Successful)
PSLV-C22 launched IRNSS-1A on July 01, 2013 (Successful)
PSLV-C20 launched SARAL and six commercial payloads on February 25, 2013 (Successful)
PSLV-C21 launched SPOT 6 and PROITERES on September 09, 2012 (Successful)
PSLV-C19 launched RISAT-1 on April 26, 2012 (Successful)
PSLV-C18 launched Megha-Tropiques, SRMSat, VesselSat-1 and Jugnu on October 12, 2011 (Successful)
PSLV-C17 launched GSAT - 12 on July 15, 2011 (Successful)
PSLV-C16 launched RESOURCESAT - 2, YOUTHSAT and X-SAT on April 20, 2011 (Successful)
PSLV-C15 launched CARTOSAT-2B, ALSAT-2A, NLS 6.1 & 6.2 and STUDSAT on July 12, 2010 (Successful)
PSLV-C14 launched Oceansat - 2 and Six Nanosatellites on September 23, 2009 (Successful)
PSLV-C12 launched RISAT-2 and ANUSAT on April 20, 2009 (Successfully)
PSLV-C11 launched CHANDRAYAAN-I, on October 22, 2008 (Successful)
PSLV-C9 launched CARTOSAT-2A, IMS-1 and Eight nano-satellites on April 28, 2008 (Successful)
PSLV-C10 launched TECSAR on January 23, 2008 (Successful)
PSLV-C8 launched AGILE on April 23, 2007 (Successful)
PSLV-C7 launched CARTOSAT-2, SRE-1, LAPAN-TUBSAT and PEHUENSAT-1 on January 10, 2007 (Successful)
PSLV-C6 launched CARTOSAT-1 and HAMSAT on May 5, 2005 (Successful)
PSLV-C5 launched RESOURCESAT-1(IRS-P6) on October 17, 2003 (Successful)
PSLV-C4 launched KALPANA-1(METSAT) on September 12, 2002 (Successful)
PSLV-C3 launched TES on October 22, 2001 (Successful)
PSLV-C2 launched OCEANSAT(IRS-P4), KITSAT-3 and DLR-TUBSAT on May 26, 1999 (Successful)
PSLV-C1 launched IRS-1D on September 29, 1997 (Successful)
PSLV-D3 launched IRS-P3 on March 21, 1996 (Successful)
PSLV-D2 launched IRS-P2 on October 15, 1994 (Successful)
PSLV-D1 launched IRS-1E on September 20, 1993 (Unsuccessful)
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