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RESOURCESAT - 2 Sends High Quality Images

The Cameras of RESOURCESAT-2, were switched on today and Images of high quality were received at the Shadnagar Earth Station of ISRO's National Remote Sensing Centre.

The three Multispectral Cameras onboard RESOURCESAT 2, namely (a) Advanced Wide-Field Sensor (AWiFS) with 56 meter spatial resolution, (b) the Linear Imaging Self-Scanning Sensor (LISS-III) with 23.5 meter spatial resolution and (c) LISS-IV Camera with 5.8 meter spatial resolution were switched on, as planned, during its 115th orbit today (April 28th) at 10.45 hrs IST. The satellite pass covered a 3000 km stretch of Indian landmass from JOSHIMUT (in Uttarakhand) to KANNUR (in Kerala). Images received from the three Cameras were of high quality.

RESOURCESAT-2, launched by PSLV-C16 on April 20, 2011, will ensure continuity of remote sensing data currently being provided by RESOURCESAT-1 launched in 2003. This data will be used for a host of applications and services in the area of agricultural monitoring, natural resources management, disaster management support as well as infrastructure planning.

After due calibration and validation planned during the next few weeks, Resourcesat-2 data will be made available operationally to the user community.

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