Launch Date
Mission Multi purpose Communication, meteorology and
Satellite based search and rescue
Weight 1906 kg with propellant
916 kg dry weight
Onboard power One KW approx.
Communication C, extended C and S band
Stabilization Three axis body stabilized with two Momentum
Wheels & one Reaction Wheel, Magnetic torquers
Propulsion Integrated bipropellant stystem ( MMH and N2 04) With sixteen 22 N thrusters and 440 N LAM.
Payload Transponders:
12C-band (for FSS),6 ext. C-band (for FSS)
2S-band (for BSS),1Data relay transponder (for, 1 transponder for research and rescue,
Very High Resolution radiometer (VHRR) for
meteorological observation with 2 km resolution in
the visible and 8 km resolution in the IR band
Launch date July 23, 1993
Launch site French Guyana
Launch vehicle Ariane 4
Orbit Geostationary 93.5o E
Inclination 0o
Mission life Seven years(nominal)
Orbit life Very Long
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