Launch Date
INSAT – 3B is the first of the five ISRO built satellites under INSAT – 3 series to join INSAT system. INSAT – 3B is collocated with INSAT – 2E at 83 deg East Longitude. This satellite primarily serves to business communication, mobile communication and developmental communication;

it provides the first set to transponders for Swaran Jayanti Vidya Vikas Antariksh Upagraha Yojana (Vidya Vahini) for interactive training and developmental communication giving fillip to the training and developmental Communication channel of INSAT.
Mission Communication and Meteorology
Spacecraft Mass
  • 2,070 (Mass at Lift – off)
  • 970 Kg (Dry mass)

Onboard power 1,712 W
Stabilization 3 – axis body stabilised biased momentum control system using earth sensors, sun sensors, inertial reference unit, momentum / reaction wheels, magnetic torquers and unified bi-propellant thrusters.
Propulsion Liquid Apogee Motor with fuel and oxidizer stored in separate titanium tanks and pressurant in Kevlar wound titanium tank.
  • 12 extended C – band Transponders
  • Five Ku band Transponders
  • Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
Launch date 22nd March 2000
Launch site French Guyana
Launch vehicle Ariane -5
Orbit Geostationary (83 deg East longitude)
Inclination 7 deg
Mission Very long
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