Launch Date
INSAT-3C, carrying Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) transponders, Broadcast Satellite Services (BSS) transponders and Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) transponders is intended to continue the service of INSAT-2DT and INSAT-2C which were nearing their end to life besides improving and augmenting the INSAT system capacity. INSAT-3C is the second satellite of the INSAT-3 series. The first satellite, INSAT-3B was launched in March 2000.
Mission Communication, broadcasting and Meteorology
Spacecraft Mass 2,650 Kg (Mass at Lift - off)
1218 Kg (Dry mass)
Onboard power 2765 W
Liquid Apogee Motor with fuel and oxidizer stored in separate titanium tanks and pressurant in Kevlar wound titanium tank.
  • 24 C band transponders
  • 6 Extended C - band Transponders
  • 2 S - band Transponders
Launch date
January 24, 2002
Launch site French Guyana
Launch vehicle Ariane5-V147
Orbit Geostationary (74o longitude)
Mission Life Very long
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